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Boy Meets World Slash
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29th-Nov-2017 02:53 pm - Chapter Two
Chapter two of my newest BMW fic is up.

Memory Brushes the Same Years, Chapter Two
15th-Nov-2017 03:02 pm - New fic
A sequel to my Shawn/Eric fic is up at ao3.

Memory Brushes the Same Years
22nd-Aug-2015 09:57 pm(no subject)
fox and hedgehog
I had a play around in the "gothic meme" style that's floating around Tumblr and wrote a strange thing about Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World. You can find it over here at my AO3 archive
8th-May-2015 01:19 pm(no subject)
New fic up at A03: Three Sex Dreams Cory Matthews Never Had, Really, part 1. This part's Cory/Shawn/Angela.
21st-Apr-2014 12:20 am - Just Like TV
dynamic duo
Just Like TV (1618 words) by MercuryandMoonlight
Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Boy Meets World
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Shawn Hunter/Cory Matthews
Characters: Shawn Hunter, Alan Matthews, Cory Matthews, Topanga Lawrence, Joshua Matthews
Additional Tags: Angst, Romance, Friendship, Unrequited Love

Shawn listens to music in Cory's bedroom, drowning in self-pity, until Alan Matthews lays down some quality parenting.

5th-Jan-2014 05:41 pm - Fic: Average Boy (Cory/Shawn)
cory, shawn
Title: Average Boy
Pairing: Cory/Shawn
Rating: Some description, nothing too explicit I don't think
Notes: Companion piece to "Idiot Savant"

Cory is average.Collapse )
13th-Dec-2013 04:50 pm - Fic: Idiot Savant (Cory/Shawn)
cory, shawn
Title: Idiot Savant
Pairing: Cory/Shawn
Rating: Mostly implied but one scene with some description.
Summary: Shawn is surprisingly good at a lot of things.

Shawn can walk on his hands.Collapse )
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